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Coffee capsules

We are part of the biggest success story in the custom coffee capsules market. We have been pioneers since the very beginning. Coffee is packaged in aluminum capsules from alupak for optimal aroma protection for consumers around the world. George Clooney was also convinced.

Make your coffee capsules a success with alupak.

Shapes and colors

Market success for your design

We are happy to offer you your coffee capsules for the worldwide established single serve systems. Or we can develop a completely new system with you.

For the design of your capsules you have the possibility to choose different colors, design solutions and embossing.

Environmental friendly

Sustainable materials

alupak was the first coffee capsule manufacturer to switch almost its entire production to recycled aluminum. We are happy to help our customers to produce their products with “PCR” aluminum as well.
At the same time, we are continuously working on other ways to conserve resources and have already achieved major material savings and CO2 reductions.
All future products from alupak should also be 100% recyclable or compostable.

Reliable in every aspect


Aluminum coffee capsules are unsurpassed in terms of protecting the freshness and aroma of the coffee. We help you to achieve the most optimal properties of your system.
alupak demonstrates the highest process reliability billions of times every year, ensuring the highest product quality for the customer.

Safe food for your global markets

Consumer protection

Food safety is alupak’s top priority. We ensure compliance for our customers in over 130 countries using state-of-the-art IT solutions. Trust us to develop and manufacture your coffee capsules and benefit from our experience.
We work with our partners on sustainable solutions for current material compliance issues such as BPA- or PVC-free.

Optimal performance


We have been optimizing the efficiency of coffee capsule production for more than 30 years. Digitization, automation and excellent supply chain are prerequisites for your success. Forward-looking capacity planning enables rapid implementation of your plans. Discuss your needs with alupak, the market leader.

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