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An apprenticeship as a polymechanic is an investment in your future. Learn innovative production processes and accompany exciting products in their international market successes.

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Your apprenticeship at alupak

Polymechanics are employed in the technical team at alupak. The mechanical workshop is the contact point for minor and major technical defects on machines and production equipment. As a polymechanic you are therefore responsible for a trouble-free production process. To this end, you will maintain our machines and systems, test equipment and system parts, determine operating faults and eliminate mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic faults. The polymechanic also conscientiously orders suitable spare parts and manufactures them himself. In addition to the day-to-day business, there is also enough time to put your acquired professional knowledge to the test in your own projects.

During the apprenticeship at alupak, turning, milling, drilling and grinding work are the main activities used to teach practical skills. The welding or screwing of components as well as assembly and adjustment are also basic training contents. Do you enjoy mathematics, physics and manual work with high precision? Do you have good spatial awareness? You can work well in a team and show interest in technical processes with great diligence?

An apprenticeship at alupak is just the right thing for you? Then we look forward to receiving your application. Convince us why you are the right person for an apprenticeship at alupak. What makes you stand out, what interests do you have? You certainly have a lot to tell us.

Intermediate school leaving certificate or good qualifying secondary school leaving certificate or Realschule leaving certificate

Technical understanding, manual dexterity, good knowledge of mathematics & physics, knowledge of computer science, ability to work in a team, precise & careful work

Workshops & production plant

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