Heat resistant solutions

Intelligent packaging and functional packaging systems for luxury food products and stimulants

We are part of the biggest success story in the global single-serve market. For example, we develop cans, capsules and lids for your sophisticated tobacco products and other luxury foods as reliable – including heat-resistant – functional solutions for safe use in a unique design.

Shapes and colors

Functional and attractive

The functional properties of our solutions go hand in hand with the formative elaboration. We at alupak are already development partners and entrepreneurs for innovative packaging concepts, thanks to our many years of experience in almost all industries and market segments.

Clever and cleverly sustainable

Convenience and sustainability in harmony

Resource-conserving use of raw materials also characterizes our actions in special convenience concepts in the field of luxury foods. Our goal is to use tailor-made post-consumer recycled mono-materials that provide the best possible protection and presentation of your filling goods.

Material selection and series production

Uncompromising quality from the start

From prototype to raw material selection to reliable single-piece product testing : you benefit from alupak’s longstanding experience and our enormous expertise when it comes to breaking new ground. After all, our international customers are united by the highest requirements and expectations when it comes to process-safe packaging solutions.

Safe for different uses

Consumer protection

From the consideration of legal requirements to their permanent and safe compliance, alupak compliance guidelines for over 130 countries. We use state-of-the-art IT solutions – and of course our experience in this field.

Efficient and reliable


Efficient manufacturing processes also provide a solid basis for competitive packaging concepts in the future. We are already looking forward to your challenge!

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