The alupak Complaint Management

FAQ about the complaint department of alupak AG

1. What is a complaint department and what are its tasks?

alupak AG has decided to provide its employees and external whistleblowers with a fair and neutral reporting channel for reporting legal violations within the framework of the Data Protection Law (DSG). It is also possible to report violations of internal processes, guidelines or contractual agreements with third parties. The complaints office receives the tips and takes follow-up action. For example, after reviewing the complaint, it forwards it to the department responsible internally or to management. This is done while preserving the anonymity of the whistleblower. In this case, we recommend using neutral e-mail addresses. The identity of the whistleblower will only be disclosed at the whistleblower’s express request. The provision of personal data in the above form fields is voluntary.

2. How can I contact the complaints office?

You can contact us using the form above. The complaints office can also be contacted at: beschwerdemanagement@alupak.com Contact at alupak is Mr. Jürg Hächler.

3. what will happen to my tip?

The Complaints Office makes an initial legal assessment of the information and tips received. It then sends the facts with a recommendation for action to the responsible department within alupak AG or to the management. The anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed.

The whistleblowers can inform themselves at any time about the status of the processing of their information at the complaint office. The Complaints Office is obliged to provide the informants with information on the status of the notified case in due time.

4. I am a whistleblower – how is my anonymity protected?

Responsible for alupak´s whistleblowing management is Jürg Hächler. He is obliged to ensure your anonymity. This applies not only to internal bodies such as management, but also to external bodies such as authorities and courts, although there is no absolute protection in the context of permissible seizures by authorities that forwarded messages or documents are included in the seizure. Your anonymity will be revoked only if you clearly agree to it.

You are free to remain anonymous to the Complaints Office. This means, for example, using an anonymous telephone number or e-mail address, or not providing any other contact information in the form.

5. What happens if I, as a whistleblower, give a hint that finally turns out to be wrong?

If the tip is given with good intentions, i.e. not intentionally incorrect, the person giving the tip need not fear any consequences.

6. Can I contact the complaints office even if I, as the whistleblower, may have committed a criminal offense myself?

The Complaints Office can be contacted even if the whistleblower may have committed a criminal offense. The Complaints Office can inform whistleblowers of their rights, but cannot represent them as a lawyer.

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